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September 2015

The items listed below are KentuckyRoads.com news items from September 2015. For the most recent updates see the KentuckyRoads.com home page.

I-69 Route Still a Mystery to Henderson Planners
Posted: 15-Sep-2015 3:40PM CDT

A recent meeting of the Henderson City-County Planning Commission was dominated by talk of Interstate 69. The commission's land use maps do not reflect any potential routes for I-69 and its proposed Ohio River crossing and will not until a route is chosen in 2016 or later: The Gleaner: I-69 route still a mystery to planners (Sep. 14, 2015) [Outside Link]

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[KY 2155]
"Blue Bridge" in Owensboro gets route number change
Posted: 10-Sep-2015 3:01PM CDT

Some historical information form the Department of Highways District 2 about the renumbering of the route carried by the Glover Cary Bridge in downtown Owensboro (dated Sept. 20, 2011):

‘Blue Bridge’ in Owensboro gets route number change
It closed as KY 2155 Ohio River Bridge, to reopen as KY 2262 Ohio River Bridge

OWENSBORO, Ky. – The KY 2155 Ohio River Bridge – known locally as the “Blue Bridge” and the Glover Cary Bridge in downtown Owensboro – is closed for a deck rehabilitation project.  When it reopens, the bridge will have a new route designation.  It will become the KY 2262 Ohio River Bridge.

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[US 231]
KY 2262 Ohio River "Blue" Bridge Closures for Festival Activities Sept 11-13 at OWENSBORO
Posted: 10-Sep-2015 2:12PM CDT

The bridge over the Ohio River in downtown Owensboro will be temporarily closed during a festival in the city from September 11th to the 13th. The press release from the Department of Highways includes some facts and figures regarding the bridge that once carried US 231 into Indiana:


The City of Owensboro has a permit to temporarily halt traffic on the KY 2262 Ohio River “Blue” Bridge at specific times for a Bridge Day celebration and the Owensboro Air Show on September 11, 12 and 13, 2015.

The KY 2262 Ohio River “Blue” Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic at the following times:

Friday, September 11th

2:00 p.m., CDT, to 4:00 p.m.- Air Show Practice

Saturday, September 12th

8:00 a.m., CDT, to 4:30 p.m.- Bridge Day & Air Show

Sunday, September 13th

2:30 p.m., CDT, to 4:30 p.m.- Air Show

The City of Owensboro will provide appropriate roadway signage notifying the driving public of the bridge closure.

For additional info on festival activities planned this weekend in Owensboro go tohttps://www.owensboro.org/post/bridge-closure-for-air-show-weekend.

Also known as The Blue Bridge and the Glover Cary Bridge, the 4,622 ft. structure connects KY 2262 and Indiana State Route 161 over the Ohio  River at Owensboro. Approximately 7,300 vehicles cross the Ohio River on the Blue Bridge between Kentucky and Indiana in an average day.  The structure opened to traffic in September 1940 as a toll bridge.  The tolls were discontinued in 1954.

The Blue Bridge is at Ohio River navigation mile point 756.3.

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[US 68] [KY 80]
US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge Work Zone Expanded
Posted: 9-Sep-2015 1:48PM CDT

From Department of Highways District 1 (Aug. 11, 2015):



A contractor for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has expanded the work zone footprint for the New Eggners Ferry Bridge over Kentucky Lake at Aurora and has shifted traffic in the 4-lane section at each end of the project area.


Today, the length of the work zone was extended by about 1/2 mile at each end with completion of median crossovers.  Traffic was shifted to the new configuration aboutNoon, today.

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[US 62]
All lanes US 62 at Maysville now open after $4.4 million rebuild
Posted: 9-Sep-2015 1:44PM CDT
Topics: [Mason County] [US 62]

From Kentucky Department of Highways District 9 (Aug. 7, 2015):

All lanes US 62 at Maysville now open after $4.4 million rebuild

Improvement provides new 3-mile conduit for 17,000 vehicles


FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (August 7, 2015) – Traffic patterns returned to normal today along US 62 at Maysville, the city’s primary downtown access route, as contractors finished the bulk of a $4.4 million Kentucky Transportation Cabinet upgrade of the four-lane state highway.


The upgrade rebuilt 1.2 miles of US 62 from the ground up, removing aging sub-surface concrete and repaving with nearly 14 inches of new asphalt to provide a smoother, more stable driving surface from the AA Highway to Moody Drive and on a shorter section from Fourth Street to Forest Avenue.

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[Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway]
Mountain Parkway Expansion News - Weeks of August 11 and 24
Posted: 9-Sep-2015 1:36PM CDT

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has posted a status report for the Mountain Parkway Expansion project [Outside Link]. This week's report covers work in and around Saylersville.

The August 11 report [Outside Link] from the Transportation Cabinet discusses the selected alternative for the widening of the Mountain Parkway in Wolfe County.

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[KY 30]
Public meeting on new route for KY 30 in Owsley County draws 100 attendees
Posted: 9-Sep-2015 1:28PM CDT

From the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways District 10 (Aug. 28, 2015):

Public meeting on new route for KY 30 in Owsley County draws 100 attendees


JACKSON, KY – Approximately 100 people attended a public meeting Thursday, Aug. 27, to discuss the proposed relocation of KY 30 in Owsley and Jackson counties. The meeting was conducted by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways District 10.


Attendees viewed a presentation by District 10 personnel and consultants. They provided comments on the project, asked several questions and viewed maps of the area showing the general scope of the proposed project. They were also provided comment forms on which they could express their opinions on the project.


A project is under development to relocate KY 30 between the US 421 intersection at Tyner in Jackson County and Travellers Rest in Owsley County. Two new-terrain corridors are under consideration. Both would begin at the intersection of US 421 and the new segment of KY 30 that was opened to traffic last year. One corridor would cross existing KY 30 near Elias in Jackson County and run to the northwest of the existing route to Travellers Rest. The other would cross existing KY 30 in Owsley County, approximately 1.5 miles from the Jackson County line, then run northwest of the existing route along a new alignment to Travellers Rest.


Both corridors will use the new bridge currently under construction at Travellers Rest, and will tie into the separate project to realign KY 30 between Travellers Rest and Levi. A contract is scheduled to be awarded for construction of that segment later this year.


The proposed road would have two 11-foot driving lanes. Truck climbing lanes on hills are under consideration. It would also feature paved shoulders, turning lanes at major intersections and a 30-foot clear zone adjacent to the highway.


When combined with the segment already completed in Jackson and Laurel counties and the portion in Owsley County to be awarded later this year, the new road will reduce travel time from the Beattyville/Booneville area to I-75 at London from around one hour to approximately 40 minutes. The entire corridor will provide improved safety and mobility for drivers who use it.


This project is included in the 2014-2020 Kentucky Highway Plan, approved last year by the General Assembly.


The project manager will receive written comments on the project through Sept. 15. Photographs and plans displayed at the public hearing may be viewed at the Department of Highways District 10 office, 473 Highway 15 South, Jackson, during the comment period. Comments on the project may be addressed to: Darren Back, P.E., project manager; Kentucky Department of Highways, P.O. Box 621, Jackson, KY 41339.


A similar meeting is scheduled for Jackson County on Tuesday, Sept. 1. It will be held at Tyner Elementary School.

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