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Kentucky has several roads that are designated as U.S. highways. The U.S. highway system was created in 1926 by an agreement among state transportation agencies to establish a consistent numbering system for highways across the nation. Some see the system as having been replaced by the interstate system and in Kentucky the importance of many U.S. routes has been superceded by nearby parkways; however, there are still numerous U.S. highways across the commonwealth.

Kentucky has twenty U.S. routes. Two of these routes are split into east and west pairs: US 31 is split into US 31W and US 31E from Louisville to the Tennessee state line, and US 25 is split into US 25W and US 25E from Corbin south to Tennessee. Additionally, US 41 in Kentucky includes two loop routes designated US 41 Alternate.

The U.S. routes in Kentucky are all owned and maintained by the state government. For more information about the state highway system, see the State Routes topic of this site.

US 119 US 127 US 150 US 23 US 231
US 25 US 27 US 31 US 41 US 42
US 421 US 431 US 45 US 460 US 51
US 60 US 62 US 641 US 68 US 79

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