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This page contains news and information about Kentucky State Road 1354.

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KY 1354 News Items

[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Dorena-Hickman Ferry Closed by High Water
Posted: 31-Jan-2010 8:25PM CST

From Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways District 1:

Dorena-Hickman Ferry Closed by High Water
River levels could keep ferry out of service until next week
HICKMAN, KY (January 27, 2010) – The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is closed due to high water on the Mississippi River. The ferry halted operations about 11:00 a.m., today, when floodwaters interfered with docking and loading of vehicles at the Kentucky landing.

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Swollen Streams Force Several Road Closures Statewide
Posted: 10-Jan-2005 7:15PM CST
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As of 1:00pm Eastern Time today, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Operations Center reports that the following roads are closed due to high water or rock slides:

Boone County: KY 20 (milepost 2 to 4); KY 1292 (milepost 2.50 because of a rock slide); KY 2852 (milepost 0 to 1)

Butler County: KY 403 (milepost 4 to 5)

Campbell County: KY 10 (milepost 10.60 because of a rock slide); KY 1566 (milepost 0 to 1.81); KY 1936 (milepost 1.20 because of a rock slide); KY 2921 (milepost 0 to 0.68); KY 2924 (milepost 1.70 because of a rock slide)

Carlisle County: KY 1628 (milepost 3 to 4); KY 1820 (milepost 2 to 3)

Fulton County: KY 1129 (milepost 0 to 9.64); KY 1354 (milepost 0 to 0.40)

Hancock County: KY 334 (milepost 18 to 19)

Henderson County: KY 136 (milepost 0 to 7); KY 268 (milepost 6 to 7); KY 414 (milepost 0 to 0.84); KY 811 (milepost 3 to 6); KY 3522 (milepost 0 to 0.39)

Hickman County: KY 123 (milepost 14 to 16)

Union County: KY 667 (milepost 0 to 16.54); KY 1452 (milepost 0 to 1.98); KY 1637 (milepost 0 to 2.96); KY 130 (milepost 16 to 16.02); KY 668 (milepost 0 to 1); KY 871 (milepost 3 to 6); KY 1508 (milepost 3 to 6)

Up-to-date road conditions can be found at: www.511.ky.gov [Outside Link]

More information: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet: More roads through out Kentucky shut down because of high water, rock slides (Jan. 10, 2005) [Outside Link]

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