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This page contains News and information about Kentucky State Road KY 1947.

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KY 1947 News Items

[KY 1947]
Error in Plans Results in Delay for the Opening of New Carter County Bridge
Posted: 30-Aug-2003 7:45PM CDT

An error in the plans for a new bridge over Barretts Creek in Carter County resulted in a bridge abutment being constructed at the wrong elevation. Work to correct the problem will delay the opening of the bridge a month or more to late September or early October.

More information: Ashland Daily Independent: Bridge opening delayed in Carter (Aug. 28, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 1947]
No Takers for Carter County Bridge Giveaway; Bridge Collapses During Removal
Posted: 18-Jul-2003 10:14AM CDT

The transportation cabinet will be constructing a new bridge on KY 1947 in Carter County, but first the state needed to find something to do with the existing 1922 era bridge. The KYTC offered to give the bridge to a party that could reassemble it elsewhere; however, there were no takers. When contractors went to remove the bridge, the bridge collapsed. There were no injuries.

More information: Daily Independent: Can't give it away (June 10, 2003) [Outside Link], Daily Independent: Giveaway bridge in Grayson falls ... to pieces (June 26, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 1947]
KYTC Seeks Home for Historic Bridge
Posted: 31-Aug-2001 7:41PM CDT

According to this Aug. 31, 2001 article [Outside Link] in the Ashland Daily-Independent, the KYTC is looking for a new home for a historic bridge. The bridge, built in 1922, currently carries KY 1947 over Barrett's Creek near Grayson. It is scheduled to be replaced; however, the KYTC is hoping to give the bridge to a local government or group so that that will not have to be destroyed.

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