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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
“Move Over”
Posted: 22-Dec-2004 9:16PM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has begun installing signs reminding motorists of the state’s “move over” law. Motorists should slow down and use caution when approaching stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights. On four lane roads, motorists should move to the lane furthest away from the stopped emergency vehicle.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet press release:

Move Over Kentucky, It's the Law!
Transportation Cabinet begins installing signs to remind motorists of "Move Over" Law
FRANKFORT, KY (December 21, 2004)-Beginning this week, motorists traveling Kentucky's roadways will begin seeing reminders to "Move Over" when they see the flashing lights of law enforcement or emergency service vehicles on the side of the highway.
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet began installing "Move Over" signs today along Interstate 75 and Interstate 471 in Northern Kentucky, and Interstate 64 in Louisville to let travelers know that state law requires them to slow down and use caution when they see a law enforcement or emergency vehicle stopped alongside the road with its lights flashing. They must move over to the lane farthest away from the vehicle if they are on a four-lane road and can do so safely. Failure to do so can result in fines.
"Our vision is to create a safe and reliable transportation system for all Kentuckians," said Kentucky Transportation Secretary Maxwell Clay Bailey. "That includes our men and women of law enforcement and emergency services. Placing these signs is an added reminder to motorists to yield and use caution when they see an officer or EMS worker stopped on the side of the highway."
"These signs will play a vital role in protecting law enforcement and emergency service personnel throughout the state," added Kentucky State Police Commissioner Mark L. Miller. "It's something we owe to these dedicated professionals who provide a valuable public service."
"It's important that motorists know how important it is to protect our officers on the highways serving the Commonwealth," said Kentucky Motor Vehicle Enforcement Commissioner Greg Howard. "Moving over one lane gives both the officer on the side of the highway the needed space for safety, while allowing us to do our job safely and effectively."
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will install 100 "Move Over" signs between now and spring 2005 along interstates, parkways, and other major four-lane and multi-lane highways at an estimated cost of $150,000. The "Move Over" signs will be placed at Kentucky's border crossings and other strategic locations on Kentucky's highways.

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