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Railroad Work to Close Lanes on US 41A near Fort Campbell
Posted: 15-Sep-2009 11:05PM CDT

From KYTC Department of Highways District 2 (Sept. 14, 2009):

Railroad Work to Create One Lane Traffic on US 41 Between Hopkinsville and Ft. Campbell
Rail overpass to require traffic shift starting Wednesday
HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. — Alltrack, Inc., plans to replace railroad ties and rails along the Masonville railroad overpass on US 41-A/Ft. Campbell Boulevard between Hopkinsville and Ft. Campbell starting Wednesday, September 16, 2009. This work zone is at US 41-A mile point 8.8.
To facilitate this rail work both northbound lanes will be initially closed with all traffic moved to the southbound lanes which will be converted to 2-lane traffic during daytime hours. Traffic will be shifted at crossover points that have been widened to handle traffic flow.
Northbound traffic will be shifted to the southbound lanes at the median crossover at Nova Dell Way, the entrance to Nova Dell subdivision. One lane of traffic will then be maintained in each direction along the southbound lanes in the work zone.
Northbound traffic will cross back over to the northbound lanes at the median crossover just north of the KY 1027/Long Pond Road intersection.
Flaggers will be stationed at the crossover points on the detour to assist with traffic flow. The speed limit at the crossovers will be a strictly enforced 15 miles per hour with a 45 mile per hour speed limit all along the work zone. An enhanced law enforcement presence has been requested for this work zone.
The rail line improvement work will be done during daylight hours only. All lanes will be reopened to traffic at night. The speed limit will be reduced to 45 MPH along the work zone. Motorists are asked to use extreme caution and practice extreme patience in this work zone. Delays are likely during peak travel times.
Pavement widening at the crossovers points has already been completed. Once work is complete over the northbound lanes work will immediately move to the southbound lanes and two-lane traffic shifted to the northbound lanes. This traffic swap is expected to occur around September 23rd.
Again, this work zone will be in place during daylight hours and all lanes will be reopened to traffic at night to maintain safety. The work is expected be complete by about October 3rd, weather permitting. This rail overpass work was originally scheduled August 6, but had to be delayed.
Approximately 17,000 vehicles travel this section of US 41-Alternate/Ft. Campbell Boulevard in an average day. Again, delays are possible during the work as traffic slows to 15 miles per hour to transition through the crossovers.
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