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Environmentalists Attempting to Block New Morehead Connector
Posted: 29-Oct-2001 8:15PM CST

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports in this Oct. 29, 2001 article [Outside Link] (no longer online) that a group calling themselves Smart Progress is attempting to block the construction of a four lane connector between I-64 and US 60 near Morehead. The group is concerned that the road is not needed and will damage a recreation area in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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Comment posted by Heather Gross age 12 on 22-Jan-2004 11:28PM CST
I think that this is a bad Idea.Because the enviroment is more important than another road.We use air and and we need to save all the trees we can. This is why I think that building a 4 way connecter though Daniel Boone National Forest is not a good Idea.

A Concerned 7th Grade Student
Heather Gross
Comment posted by April Vest 13 on 22-Jan-2004 11:33PM CST
I dont think that it is a very good idea because we already have a road that goes right through it and i dont think that we need another piece of garbage in our way. we need to use the trees and we need the air. if yall put a 4-way connector in then it will smother the trees and the air. well the trees that are left. because if yall put a 4-way connector in then we will not have any trees left. you dont need to put that 4-way connector in cause we already have one going through the Daniel Boone National Forest and it is a 2-way connector and i dont think that we need a piece of junk 4-way connector in our way. it is destroying the environment and it just isnt a good idea. so please listen to my comment and my best friends comment Heather Gross. We really dont want that connector. April Vest
Updated: 22-Jan-2004 11:33PM CST

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