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KYTC Highway Engineer Says I-69 Still Years Away
Posted: 4-Oct-2001 9:54PM CDT

The Gleaner (Henderson) reports in this October 4, 2001 article [Outside Link] (no longer online) that an assistant state highway engineer told the Henderson Chamber of Commerce that very few decisions have been made. Among other things, he told the group that the Indiana Department of Transportation is taking the lead in choosing a route for I-69 between Evansville and Henderson. He pointed out that it still has not been decided whether the interstate should cross the Ohio River east or west of Evansville. He also said that while upgrading existing parkways to interstate standards remains an option for routing I-69 in Kentucky that is not the only option being considered. He said that the decisions will only be made after a period of public involvement.

As a side note, I once asked the KYTC if any of the parkways meet interstate standards and the response was that none of Kentucky's parkways meet interstate standards. Work would have to be done to any of the parkways that might be included as part of the eventual routing of I-69 and I-66.

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