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[US 23]
KY 1384 Bridge over US 23 to be Renamed
Posted: 23-Jul-2003 7:43PM CDT
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The KY 1384 overpass over US 23 in the Pikeville Cut will be renamed on Monday, according to the Appalachian News-Express [Outside Link]. The bridge is currently known as the Masten Childers Bridge; on Monday the name of the bridge will be renamed the Velma and Masten Childers Bridge.

This bill adjourning the Kentucky General Assembly [Outside Link] (word document) on the occasion of Velma Childer's seventieth birthday on Jan. 24, 2000 contains some biographical information about Childers.

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Comment posted by Jed A. Wilkinson on 14-Aug-2003 7:18AM CDT
Why not upgrade US-23 to an Expressway south of the Proposed Interstate 66 and designate it as part of the Extended Interstate 26 since it connects with Interstate 181 at the TN State Line and most of it is going to part of the Extended Interstate 26 anyway and name it as the Trans Contiental SE Highway from the Mountains of KY to the Shore of SC.
Updated: 14-Aug-2003 7:18AM CDT

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