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News of Daniel Boone Parkway Renaming Hits the National Presses
Posted: 8-Aug-2003 5:55AM CDT

On August 6, the Associated Press picked up the news of the Daniel Boone Parkway being renamed for Congressman Hal Rogers: Associated Press: Congressman's name takes place of Daniel Boone's on Kentucky parkway (Aug. 6, 2003) [Outside Link]

Sources as varied as The Guardian [Outside Link], a British newspaper, and The Washington Times [Outside Link] picked up the story.

Update Aug 8, 2003: The Courier-Journal has posted an editorial concerning the renaming: Courier-Journal: Boone vs. Rogers (Aug. 8, 2003) [Outside Link]

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Comment posted by Mary Siler on 21-Aug-2003 8:04PM CDT
This makes me wonder if my grandchildren will be reading about Hal Rogers and Paul Patton in the history books instead of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. If the highway had just been a numbered highway, I could understand putting Hal Rogers' name on it but I don't like the fact that Daniel Boone's name has been replaced by Hal Rogers. I know Mr. Rogers has done a lot for our Kentucky and I vote for him but I don't understand this change in road names. Here in Williamsburg, we have a water park named after Rogers and in the paper this week, they have named a small street/road after him. To me this is crazy. Hal Rogers gets paid to do what he does for Kentucky and much more than the average person. He shouldn't have to be repaid with roads named after him, expecially pushing out a hero like DANIEL BOONE! Mary Siler, Williamsburg, KY
Comment posted by I love Kentucky! on 24-Aug-2003 4:14AM CDT
I agree that this is a bad idea. Not only does Mr. Rogers have the above mentioned waterpark and the small street named after him, but here in Hazard he has a couple of buildings named after him as well. Mr. Rogers gets PAID to do a JOB for the people in our area. By getting the region money for projects he is just doing what he is charging tax payers to do. I know some may say that if we had another person in that position we wouldn't have all the things we do now. But, I say maybe...maybe not. You can't play what ifs and if only games...if someone else was in that position we may have MORE than we do now. Everyone knows that our region is one of the poorest in the nation...has been for a long time and will continue to be for as long as the eye can see...so maybe Mr. Rogers isn't doing such a great job after all! I think that the people in our area are so desperate for ANYTHING that when we do FINALLY get something we're so happy that we feel the need to say thanks in a big way. I have nothing against Hal Rogers I've voted for him in the past and will probably do so in the future, but I think that this situation is rapidly getting out of hand.
Comment posted by Ashley Stanfill on 11-Aug-2004 9:33PM CDT
I Think Williamsburg waterpark in Ky should have one more pool where more people can just swim
Updated: 11-Aug-2004 9:33PM CDT

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