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New "Interstate-style" Highway To Be Constructed for Warren County's Transpark by Fall 2005
Posted: 13-Aug-2003 10:42PM CDT

The Transportation Cabinet is seeking consultants to design a 2.6-mile highway to connect I-65 to US 31W in northern Warren County as part of the Kentucky TriModal Transpark. The road could conceivably extended as part of the Bowling Green Beltline project or the I-66 project. The transportation cabinet would like to have construction start on the road within two years; however, they also expect a full environmental impact statement to be completed, which could take some time.

More information: Bowling Green Daily News: Transpark seeking road developers (Aug. 9, 2003) [Outside Link]

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Comment posted by Melissa on 28-Oct-2003 1:51AM CST
You need to have a lot more bridges.
Comment posted by Jay A. on 8-Jan-2004 3:10AM CST
Total urban sprawl. Look at a map of Bowling Green -- with this addition, it gets even more ridiculous. Planning in Bowling Green and Warren County is laughable.
Comment posted by Don S. on 28-Jan-2004 3:48AM CST
Jay A. - Fortunately, especially since we are on a karst landscape with limited capability of supporting the sheer tonnage of high rises, Bowling Green and Warren County has enough land so that we may develop more outward instead of upward. With the added development in the county, added infrastructure is required to adequately provide services to all locations. Fire and police units depend on adequate roads to quickly serve and protect ALL citizens of Warren County, not just those fortunate to live within minutes of Bowling Green City Limits. Planning commissions take into account financial, economic, enviromental, and Human enviromental considerations. Also the Transportation Cabinet holds Various Open house meetings to provide information and to take input from the general population on their opinions, ranging from "This should go here" to "No Build". Considering the amount of money and time involved in the decision of Placement of roads, I believe that the members of the Various Planning organizations in Warren County should be Applauded, not Mocked. Any such act not only targets the Members of the Commissions themselves, but also the citizens who participate in the process. Also all citizens are given the right to participate in the process by Voting. If the general Public believes their elected officials are doing a "Laughable" job, the typically said officials are no longer elected, which I believe that the majority of our officials were re-elected this past election. Without any participation in the process, any criticisms are hipocritical. Though there is one last option for participation. One may always Vote with their feet, and find a location less "Laughable"
Updated: 28-Jan-2004 3:48AM CST

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