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Shortway Bridge Imploded
Posted: 30-Aug-2003 6:20PM CDT

The Shortway Bridge was demolished with explosives on the morning of Monday August 25. The new Licking River Girl Scout Bridge was closed during the implosion, and the Licking River was closed to river traffic for 24 hours so pieces of the bridge could be removed from the river. Steel from the bridge was collected for recycling.

Bridge implosion: Photographs from the Cincinnati Enquirer [Outside Link], Video from WCPO [Outside Link]

The bridge, which connected 11th Street in Newport with 12th Street in Covington, opened in 1914 and was originally a toll road. The state purchased the bridge in 1986. It has been closed since 2001 when it was replaced by the Licking River Girl Scout Bridge.

More information: Cincinnati Enquirer: Shortway Bridge soon to be shorter (Aug. 22, 2003) [Outside Link]. Kentucky Post: Bridge to close for Monday blast (Aug. 22, 2003) [Outside Link], Associated Press: Shortway Bridge to be imploded (Aug. 23, 2003) [Outside Link], Cincinnati Enquirer: 'Short' story to end Monday (Aug. 24, 2003) [Outside Link], Cincinnati Enquirer: Rush hour detours for bridge implosion (Aug. 25, 2003) [Outside Link], Cincinnati Enquirer: So long, Shortway: Bridge takes dive into river history (Aug. 26, 2003) [Outside Link], Kentucky Post: Picking up the pieces of the Shortway (Aug. 26, 2003) [Outside Link]

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