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Transportation Cabinet Presents Options for New I-65/Warren County Transpark Connector
Posted: 3-Nov-2003 2:31AM CST

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet presented several options for highways to connect the new Warren County Tri-Modal Transpark to I-65 at a public meeting on Oct. 9. Options include a new-freeway grade highway between I-65 and US 31W in northern Warren County and upgrading existing highways in the area.

More information: Bowling Green Daily-News: Public responds to interchange plan (Oct. 10, 2003) [Outside Link], Kentucky Trimodal Transpark [Outside Link]

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Comment posted by Jay A. on 8-Jan-2004 3:19AM CST
This project (including the Transpark in general) needs a coherent plan and it is clear that there is not one. I'm happy local citizens have found ways to make the road's bill go to the federal government and state, but it appears to be poorly thought-out. I'm worried that if this road is built, it will lead to a dead-end. The transpark will undoubtedly continue to be hit-and-miss. This road project should wait until a comprehensive economic forecast and environmental study has been conducted. I read both the economic prospectus and environmental assessment for the site, and they are laughably inadequate (and far too optimistic).
Updated: 8-Jan-2004 3:19AM CST

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