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Possible Funding Source for Brent Spence Bridge Replacement Found
Posted: 26-Feb-2004 11:49PM CST

Officials with Greater Cincinnati’s main transportation planning committee say they may have found a possible source for funding to pay for rehabilitating or replacing the Brent Spence Bridge. The house version of a six-year transportation spending bill currently under consideration in the U.S. Congress includes a $20.2 billion fund for “projects of regional or national importance.” The group hopes that the Brent Spence Bridge would be considered one of these projects. The bridge was recently identified as one of the top twenty four highway bottlenecks nationwide, and forms a vital link on I-75—the nation’s second busiest north-south interstate.

More information: Cincinnati Enquirer: Possible funding found for Brent Spence Bridge (Feb. 25, 2004) [Outside Link], (Northern) Kentucky Post: Fund could finance bridge (Feb. 25, 2004) [Outside Link]

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