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Summary of Transportation Related Bills Passed During the 2004 Regular Session
Posted: 1-Jun-2004 6:01AM CDT

The 60-day regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly ended on April 13. Thirteen bills relating to transportation were passed into law during the 2004 regular session.

The following transportation related bills have become law:

  • HB 20 [Outside Link] - Requires that every insurance company that writes liability insurance on personal motor vehicles shall report the vehicle identification number of each insured motor vehicle and the name of the policyholder to the Department of Vehicle Regulation each month.
  • HB 71 [Outside Link] - Increases fines for violating handicapped parking requirements.
  • HB 92 [Outside Link] - Allows for the creation of special military related license plates for motorcycles.
  • HB 157 [Outside Link] - Increases fines for DUIs and specifies that a percentage of the fines be credited to the Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund.
  • HB 199 [Outside Link] - Amends rules relating to private roads given as gifts to counties.
  • HB 331 [Outside Link] - An act relating to the safety and security of airports.
  • HB 418 [Outside Link] - Amends rules relating to the Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission and transportation projects.
  • HB 447 [Outside Link] - Defines who will pay for private utility relocations caused by highway projects.
  • HB 596 [Outside Link] - Require the establishment of covered bridge authorities to administer covered bridges in the state, and require that non-emergency work on a bridge to be approved by the overseeing covered bridge authority.
  • HCR 8 [Outside Link] - Direct the Legislative Research Commission to create a task force to examine the development of the Lexington/Big Sandy Rail Trail. (More information about the trail can be found here [Outside Link].)
  • HJR 11 [Outside Link] - Designates names for various highways across the commonwealth:
    • Sheriff Bobby Thomas Memorial Highway - KY 1357 in Hardin County
    • Brandon Jacob Rowe and Gary Brent Coleman Memorial Highway - US 460/KY 80 in Pike County
    • PFC David Paulie Nash Memorial Highway - KY 54 in Daviess County
    • Battlefield Memorial Highway - US 421 in Madison County
    • Dr. Loman C. Trover Highway - KY 112 in Hopkins County
    • Tom Christerson Memorial Highway - KY 70 in Muhlenberg County
  • SB 124 [Outside Link] - Requires the Kentucky Department of Education to set school bus standards and specifications; previously school bus standards and specifications were set by the Kentucky Board of Education.
  • SJR 3 [Outside Link] - Terminates the Northern Kentucky Emissions Check Program (VET) on or before November 1, 2004.

More information about the 2004 Regular Session and General Assembly: Kentucky Legislative Research Commission [Outside Link], KET Online Legislative Coverage [Outside Link], Courier-Journal: 2004 Kentucky General Assembly [Outside Link]

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