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Brent Spence Bridge Funding Engrossed in Budget Battle
Posted: 1-Jun-2004 6:51AM CDT

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Louisville) says that funding for a study on how to replace or rehabilitate the Brent Spence Bridge is caught up in in-fighting over the federal transportation spending bill. The bill is currently in conference where conflicts between the House and Senate versions are resolved. In addition to resolving the differences between the bills, congress must also attempt to find a bill that pleases the president who has said he will veto any bill costing more than $256 billion.

Additionally, the governors of Kentucky and Ohio recently met. Both pledged support for the bridge replacement.

More information: Cincinnati Post: Governors promote region (May 27, 2004) [Outside Link], Kentucky Post: Leaders pledge to work together (May 27, 2004) [Outside Link], Cincinnati Enquirer: Bridge funding gets tangled (May 28, 2004) [Outside Link], Associated Press: Senator says funding for northern Kentucky bridge uncertain (May 28, 2004) [Outside Link], Kentucky Post: 'Family fight' hurting Brent Spence effort (May 28, 2004) [Outside Link], Associated Press: Covington bridge project slowed by rift over budget (May 29, 2004) [Outside Link]

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