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[KY 4]Kentucky 4 is the route number used to designate New Circle Road, Lexington's circumferential by-pass in Fayette County. Much of the road is fully-controlled access with overpasses and interchanges; however, the northeastern segment of the road includes at-grade intersections.

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KY 4 News Items

[KY 4]
Pothole Repair to Close Lanes on New Circle Road
Posted: 31-Mar-2009 9:23PM CDT

There will be lane closures on Lexington's New Circle Road this Wednesday to allow some potholes to be repaired: Lexington Herald-Leader: Pothole repair to close New Circle lanes (March 30, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[KY 4]
New Circle Road/Newtown Pike Interchange Eyed for Replacement
Posted: 7-Feb-2005 4:42PM CST
Topics: [Fayette County] [KY 4] [KY 922]

Engineers are studying how to best replace the cloverleaf interchange at New Circle Road (KY 4) and Newtown Pike (KY 922). The interchange was constructed in the 1960s when traffic on New Circle Road was less than a third of what it is today.

More information: Lexington Herald-Leader: Interchange having midlife crisis (Feb. 7, 2005) [Outside Link]

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[US 27]
Lexington Summer Road Work Includes Modification to New Circle Road Nicholasville Road Exit
Posted: 18-Jul-2003 10:00AM CDT
Topics: [Fayette County] [KY 4] [US 27]

A summer road project in Lexington will see the length of a ramp at New Circle Road and Nicholasville Road been extended by 850 feet and a new left-turn lane added.

More information: Herald-Leader: State plans to end gridlock on busy New Circle exit (May 30, 2003) [Outside Link], More Projects [Outside Link]

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[US 25]
Lexington's Richmond Road Being Widened to Six Lanes
Posted: 18-Jul-2003 8:34AM CDT

1.3 miles of Richmond Road are being widened to six-lanes.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has established a website with information about the Richmond Road project at us25.ky.gov [Outside Link]. The site includes a construction schedule, maps of the project, and photographs relating to the project.

More information: Herald-Leader: Richmond Road work to begin Monday (Mar. 27, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Lexington Herald-Leader Takes a Look at Traffic
Posted: 18-Aug-2002 11:00PM CDT

The Lexington Herald-Leader ran several articles discussing Lexington area traffic in their Sunday, Aug. 18, 2002. Among the articles was a look at the mayoral candidates' plans for congestion relief: the paper states that one candidate's plan may be impossible and the other's is already being implemented. Another article examines the work of the city's traffic signal systems manager who has recently been trying new traffic signal patterns on the city's highways. Another article attempts to answer frequently asked questions about traffic signals in Lexington, one article looks at how traffic on Man o' War Boulevard has developed since it opened in 1988, and a final article looks at the city's traffic television show.

According to one article, when Man o' War Boulevard opened in 1988 the 16.1 mile road had 11 stop lights and one flashing warning light. An Herald-Leader reporter was able to drive the road in 25 minutes. Now the road has 33 stop lights, and a drive from one end to the other took 30 minutes.

More information:

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[KY 4]
KYTC Studies Upgrades to Lexington's New Circle Road
Posted: 8-Oct-2001 5:11PM CDT
Topics: [Fayette County] [KY 4]

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports in this October 8, 2001 article [Outside Link] (no longer online) that the KYTC has formed a focus group to study upgrades to the northeast portion of New Circle Road (KY 4) in Lexington. The ideas for upgrades include upgrading the road to a freeway or just eliminating a few traffic lights.

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