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Lexington Summer Road Work Includes Modification to New Circle Road Nicholasville Road Exit
Posted: 18-Jul-2003 10:00AM CDT
Topics: [Fayette County] [KY 4] [US 27]

A summer road project in Lexington will see the length of a ramp at New Circle Road and Nicholasville Road been extended by 850 feet and a new left-turn lane added.

More information: Herald-Leader: State plans to end gridlock on busy New Circle exit (May 30, 2003) [Outside Link], More Projects [Outside Link]

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Comment posted by Danny Lewis on 19-Jul-2003 9:52AM CDT
They need to make a Newer Circle Road... A road that would spur off of I-64 on the west side of Lexington and then go below the city and connect up with I-75. This would be similiar to the 3-digit interstates in large cities such as Louisville and Cincinnati and offer another way to bypass Lexington and ease traffic on New Circle and Man-O-War Blvd. They could call it I-264 or I-275 or something, I'm not totally sure about how they would name it... aww well.
Comment posted by Jeff Carlyle on 19-Jul-2003 1:21PM CDT
The way the rules for such things work, the route number would have to start with an even digit. This is because it would connect to anothe interstate at both ends. Three-digit interstate numbers can be repeated, but not within the same state. For instance, there are four I-275s: one in Florida, one in Tennessee, one in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and one in Michigan. Since there is already an I-275 and an I-264 in Kentucky, such a route in Lexington would need a new number. I-464 and I-475 would both be appropriate numbers for such a route.

More information about 3-digit interstates can be found at: http://www.kurumi.com/roads/3di/index.html
Updated: 19-Jul-2003 1:21PM CDT

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