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[KY 259]
KY 259 Widening Project Moves Forward
Posted: 16-May-2005 3:55AM CDT

A preferred alternative has been chosen for the proposed reconstruction of KY 259 from the Green River to Kyrock in Edmonson County.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3 Press Release:

Brownsville, KY (May 13, 2005) “The project team met in February to discuss the alternates being considered for the reconstruction of KY 259 from the Green River to north of Kyrock Elementary School,” stated Keirsten Jaggers, Public Information Officer for the Department of Highways, District #3. Jaggers continued, “At this time, the alternate being recommended is #2.”
Four alternates as well as the No Build were under consideration for this proposed improvement. Alternate #2 is 4.79 miles in length, has a cost of $16,659,000 and would travel cross country to the east of KY 259. It is the straightest and shortest of any of the alternates. Alternates #1 and #1A both fall to the west of KY 259 and closely follow the existing KY 259 alignment. Because of the proximity to the existing route, right of way acquisitions increase the costs for both of these routes which have the same length of 5.21 miles. Total projected costs for alternate #1 and alternate #1A are $18,414,000 and $19,338,000, respectively. Alternate #3 also travels cross country to the east of KY 259, has a length of 4.84 miles and a projected cost of $17,020,000.
Comments collected at a public meeting on November 7, 2002 indicated a preference for alternate #2 while alternate #1 and #1A were the least favored. This project is state-funded and currently scheduled for right of way and utility funding in 2006. Construction funds will become available in 2008. Residents along the alternate may see crews drilling in various areas for soil and rock samples. This work is currently scheduled to begin this summer. Phase II design is being worked on in house at District #3.
The project was identified in the KY 101/259/79- US 60 Corridor Feasibility Study that was conducted in 1999. The study began just north of Scottsville at US 31E, extends northward across the state and terminates at two separate locations along the Ohio River in Hawesville and Brandenburg. The route includes portions of Allen, Warren, Edmonson, Grayson, Breckinridge, Hancock and Meade counties.
“Improving KY 259 and making it safer is a critical part of economic development in our part of the state,” stated Senator Richie Sanders. Sanders continued, “This specific improvement addresses the lane and shoulder width deficiencies of the existing facility and will provide access for the movement of freight through Edmonson county; thus, increasing the community’s ability to attract industrial development.”
The 1999 KY 101/259/79-US 60 Corridor Feasibility Study concluded that the primary need for this corridor is the development of a standard two-lane facility that will provide a safe and more reliable connection from the Ohio River to the Wendell Ford West Kentucky Parkway and I-65. Recommendations for future improvements to the study corridor are intended to address safety concerns, roadway deficiencies, capacity and transportation demands, system linkages, and economic development needs for the corridor and surrounding region.
Several sections of the KY 101/259/79-US 60 Corridor have been addressed in the last 5 years. A 3.9 mile section of the corridor from Rhoda to Brownsville was reconstructed and completed in November of 2001. A second section of the corridor in downtown Brownsville will be widened to three lanes with curb, gutter and sidewalks and will tie into the Brownsville to Rhoda segment. At present, 43 out of 47 parcels have been purchased with the remaining four parcels still in negotiations. The project currently has a construction letting date of September 2005. A project proposing improvements between Rhoda and Chalybeate is currently being designed in house with funds scheduled through to construction. The KY 101 Knobs section of the corridor has finally entered the construction phase and is scheduled for completion this fall.
Other projects in Edmonson County on the Six-Year Plan include the replacement of a bridge on KY 238 at the West Fork of the Big Reedy Creek. The project is currently funded through construction but at present no funds have been authorized for right of way or utilities. It is currently scheduled for a November 2005 letting date. Another project involves the reconstruction of the Knobs on KY 259 beginning .4 mile north of US 31W. The project has been designed but at this time no funds have been authorized for right of way or utilities. It is currently scheduled for a June 2006 letting date. The last project pertains to a site distance issue on KY 187 and KY 70. Clearance for right of way is still being addressed and once complete, the utilities can be moved. The project has been scheduled for a July 2005 letting date.
All project information was taken from the 2005-2010 Recommended Six-Year Highway Plan and is subject to change based on funding availability.

(May 19, 2005 Update): More information: Bowling Green Daily News: State picks new route for Ky. 259 (May 17, 2005) [Outside Link]

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