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[KY 259]This page contains news and information about Kentucky State Road 259.

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KY 259 News Items

[US 31]
District 4 Traffic Impact Report
Posted: 16-Sep-2012 5:47PM CDT

From Kentucky Tranportation Cabinet Department of Highways District 4 (Sept. 11, 2012):

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[KY 259]
KY 259 Widening Project Moves Forward
Posted: 16-May-2005 3:55AM CDT

A preferred alternative has been chosen for the proposed reconstruction of KY 259 from the Green River to Kyrock in Edmonson County.

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
September Transportation Konnection
Posted: 17-Oct-2004 8:29AM CDT

The September 2004 edition of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s newsletter, the Transportation Konnection, has been posted to the KYTC’s web site [Outside Link].

Interesting items in September’s Konnection are:

  • Information about “Put the Brakes on Fatalities” day,
  • Information about another award for the Paris Pike Project,
  • Information about photograph of the ground breaking for Ken Bale Boulevard in Bowling Green,
  • Photographs of the reconstruction interchange between the Western Kentucky Parkway and KY 259 near Leitchfield, and
  • Photographs from the Simon Kenton Bridge rededication ceremony.

Download: [Transportation Konnection September 2004] (2MB)

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Quickies: Honoring Native Musicians, Warren County Area Projects, Environmentalists Against Expedited Projects
Posted: 21-Apr-2004 5:05AM CDT

As part of a continuing project to recognize the birthplaces of Kentucky’s musicians signs have recently been erected honoring Ray Goins [Outside Link] and Curley Ray Cline [Outside Link]. (Update (Apr. 24): WKYT: Bluegrass Fiddler Honored (Apr. 23, 2004) [Outside Link])

A ceremony has held recently to dedicate the Helen Brown Bridge [Outside Link]. Helen Brown was influential in having the Pikeville area bridge built.

The Bowling Green Daily News reports on road projects planned for Warren and surrounding counties: Bowling Green Daily News: Transportation budget on track (April 5, 2004) [Outside Link]

Environmental groups oppose the Louisville Bridges Project, I-66, and other expedited projects: Courier-Journal: Environmental groups critical of bridges project (Apr. 9, 2004) [Outside Link]

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reminds motorists to brake for construction workers [Outside Link].

Kentucky’s State Highway Engineer, James M. “Mac” Yowell, has been inducted to the University of Kentucky’s Engineering Hall of Distinction.

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[KY 259]
Residents Demand Guardrail on KY 259 Eveleigh Hill in Grayson County
Posted: 3-Feb-2004 1:49AM CST

Several local residents have requested a guardrail be installed on a hill along KY 259 in Grayson County.

More information: Grayson County News-Gazette: Eveleigh Hill: Will it get a guard rail? (Feb. 1, 2004) [Outside Link]

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[KY 3155]
Leitchfield Bypass Progresses
Posted: 15-Nov-2003 8:31AM CST

Contracts will be let this month for another phase of the Leitchfield Bypass (KY 3155). This phase will connect the existing road at City Park to Salt River Road (KY 920) where it will tie in with the nearly complete northern phase of the bypass between Salt River Road and KY 259. Work is expected to begin as soon as weather permits.

More information: Grayson County News-Gazette: Contracts set for November on east bypass (Oct. 22, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[Western Kentucky Parkway]
Western Kentucky Parkway/KY 259 Interchange Being Reconstructed
Posted: 13-Aug-2003 11:53PM CDT

The cloverleaf-like interchange on the Western Kentucky Parkway at KY 259 in Grayson County is being rebuilt as a diamond interchange. The interchange was the location of the Leitchfield Toll Plaza before tolls were lifted from the parkway.

More information: Grayson County News-Gazette: Digging for a Diamond (Aug. 12, 2003) [Outside Link]

[KY 259]/[Western Kentucky Parkway] Interchange
An aerial view of the current interchange.
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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Over Two-hundred Photographs Added
Posted: 25-Jul-2003 11:36AM CDT
Topics: Topic listing supressed. [71 topics related to this item]

Two-hundred-and-sixty-two photographs of Kentucky's roads have been added to this website. The new photo galleries include:

A few new images have been added to the KentuckyRoads.com - Miscellaneous Signs and KentuckyRoads.com - General Images galleries as well.

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[KY 259]
KYTC May Connect Brownsville and Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway
Posted: 11-Jan-2002 2:38AM CST

According to this June 18, 2001 article [Outside Link] from the Bowling Green Daily News the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has considered reconstructing KY 259 from the current I-65 and Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway to the intersection of KY 259 and KY 101 near Brownsville. A public meeting on this issue was held in July of 2001. An early report on the proposal can be found here [Outside Link]. This project is in the same area as the proposed I-66.

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[KY 101]
New Section of KY 101 Opens near Brownsville
Posted: 25-Nov-2001 3:06PM CST

The Daily News reports in this article [Outside Link] that a new section of KY 101 and KY 259 will open this Tuesday, November 27. The 3.9 mile section of road connects Brownsville and Rhoda.

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