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This page contains news and information about Kentucky State Road 3005.

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KY 3005 News Items

[US 31]
District 4 Traffic Impact Report
Posted: 16-Sep-2012 5:47PM CDT

From Kentucky Tranportation Cabinet Department of Highways District 4 (Sept. 11, 2012):

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[KY 3005]
Elizabethtown Ring Road Construction Completion Delayed Until December
Posted: 3-Nov-2003 2:31AM CST

Completion of construction on Elizabethtown.s Ring Road has been delayed until December 1. Construction was originally expected to be complete by October 6; however, weather caused delays in completing the project.

More information: Hardin County News-Enterprise: Ring of Fines: Ring Road project behind schedule (Oct. 13, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 3005]
Part of Elizabethtown's Ring Road to Close this Week for Construction
Posted: 18-Aug-2003 4:03PM CDT

Elizabethtown's Ring Road (KY 3005) will be closed for construction during the week of Aug. 18. Area businesses are concerned about the impact this road closure will have on their sales.

More information: Hardin County News-Enterprise: E'town preparing to close, expand Ring Road (Aug. 17, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[KY 3005]
Officials Crack Down on Ring Road Construction Speeders in Elizabethtown
Posted: 8-Aug-2003 4:24AM CDT

Officials have increased the enforcement of construction zone speed limits on a section of Elizabethtown's Ring Road (KY 3005) that is being widened.

The work has also involved lowering the level of the nearby Freeman Work so that a drain underneath the road could be replaced. The lowering of the level of the city-owned lake brought about a false rumor that there was a hole in the dam.

More information: The Hardin County News-Enterprise: Officials plead for caution in Ring Road construction zone (July 30, 2003) [Outside Link]

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