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This page contains news and information about Kentucky State Road 185.

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KY 185 News Items

[KY 234]
Seventh Street Extension Project Underway in Bowling Green
Posted: 30-Apr-2005 5:52AM CDT

A project to extend Seventh Street has begun in Bowling Green. The project will tie together US 68/KY 80, KY 185, KY 234, and KY 880 and will include the construction of a new underpass under the CSX railroad.

The reporter for the Daily News refers the project as part of a four lane loop; however, KY 880 is far from a four lane loop. The road is two lanes from KY 234 to US 231 east of downtown and from US 68/KY 80 to KY 1435 southwest of downtown.

More information: Bowling Green Daily News: Four-lane loop stays on track (April 6, 2005) [Outside Link]

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KYTC Presents Warren County Traffic Proposals
Posted: 20-Aug-2004 5:34AM CDT

At a July meeting, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet presented a number of ideas for improving traffic flow in and around Bowling Green. The plans include widening portions of I-65, Scottsville Road, and Nashville Road and the construction of new highway corridors that would provided access to the Natcher Parkway and I-65: Bowling Green Daily News: Public gets look at big picture for traffic flow (July 27, 2004) [Outside Link]

In other Warren County news, archaeologists are conducting a study of areas along a planned extension of Veterans Memorial Way into downtown: Bowling Green Daily News: Archaeologists digging through trash to find Bowling Green history (July 27, 2004) [Outside Link]

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[KY 880]
Archeological Work Planned in Preparation of Bowling Green KY 880 Extension
Posted: 23-Jun-2004 7:57AM CDT

Part of the preliminary work on a project to extend KY 880 from its current terminus at KY 185 to 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue will include an archeological survey of the area. Among other things, transportation cabinet archeologists will examine abandoned outhouses.

More information: Bowling Green Daily News: Black History Focus of Downtown Survey (June 1, 2004) [Outside Link]

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
Quickies: Honoring Native Musicians, Warren County Area Projects, Environmentalists Against Expedited Projects
Posted: 21-Apr-2004 5:05AM CDT

As part of a continuing project to recognize the birthplaces of Kentucky’s musicians signs have recently been erected honoring Ray Goins [Outside Link] and Curley Ray Cline [Outside Link]. (Update (Apr. 24): WKYT: Bluegrass Fiddler Honored (Apr. 23, 2004) [Outside Link])

A ceremony has held recently to dedicate the Helen Brown Bridge [Outside Link]. Helen Brown was influential in having the Pikeville area bridge built.

The Bowling Green Daily News reports on road projects planned for Warren and surrounding counties: Bowling Green Daily News: Transportation budget on track (April 5, 2004) [Outside Link]

Environmental groups oppose the Louisville Bridges Project, I-66, and other expedited projects: Courier-Journal: Environmental groups critical of bridges project (Apr. 9, 2004) [Outside Link]

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reminds motorists to brake for construction workers [Outside Link].

Kentucky’s State Highway Engineer, James M. “Mac” Yowell, has been inducted to the University of Kentucky’s Engineering Hall of Distinction.

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