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Northern Kentucky Outer Loop (I-74) Conceptual Feasibility Final Draft Released
Posted: 25-Jul-2003 7:29AM CDT

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has released the final report for the conceptual feasibility study for the Northern Kentucky Outer Loop, and the finding is that such an outer loop is not feasible.

The proposed route would connect with I-74 in Indiana, pass into Kentucky at the Markland Dam in Gallatin County, travel east-west across Kentucky, cross the Ohio River into Ohio at the William H. Harsha bridge near Maysville, and connect with a proposed extension of I-74 in Ohio. A two-year long study of this route found that the entire route would not be financially feasible in Kentucky; however, the study found that several segments of the route would have an independent of utility. The study divided the route into six sections and assigned them the following priorities:

  1. US 127 to I-75 - 15.1 miles (Owen and Grant Counties)
  2. I-71 to US 127 - 6.8 miles (Gallatin/Carroll and Owen Counties)
  3. I-75 to US 27 - 17.6 miles (Grant and Pendleton Counties)
  4. US 27 to KY 9 - 29 miles (Pendleton, Bracken, and Mason Counties)
  5. Indiana to I-71 - 7 miles (Carroll/Gallatin Counties)
  6. KY 9 to Ohio - 2.9 miles (Mason County)

The study found that construction of a proposed highway (Indiana State Road 101) from I-74 in Indiana to the Markland Dam would improve the usability of the Indiana to I-71 segment of the Outer Loop.

The release of the report does not guarantee that anything will be built. Construction is dependent on future funding.

More information: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Planning: Proposed Interstate 74 [Outside Link]

Map of the I-74 Northern Kentucky Outer Loop study region with priority segments identified.
An extract from the report show the studied corridor and identifying the priority segments.

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Comment posted by Danny Lewis on 27-Jul-2003 1:50AM CDT
I wish the KYTC would be more hospitable to people who don't have DSL or Cable--those PDF's are huge and are just troublesome to deal with. A reorganization of information would make it easier for people who just want to access one thing such as maps. I want to see a map of the project, but to do so would require me to download that large PDF.

Aww well...
Comment posted by Jeff Carlyle on 27-Jul-2003 6:43AM CDT
Well I've added a map extracted from the report. I hope that helps.
Updated: 27-Jul-2003 6:43AM CDT

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