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This page contains news and information about roads and highways in Scott County, Kentucky.

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Scott County News Items

[US 25]
US 25 Widening in Scott and Fayette Counties Delayed to 2011
Posted: 16-Sep-2009 7:48AM CDT

A project to widen part of US 25 between Lexington and Georgetown will be delayed until 2011: Lexington Herald-Leader: U.S. 25 expansion delayed to 2011 (Sept. 8, 2009) [Outside Link]

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[US 62]
New Traffic Signal to be Activated at US 62-KY 1973 Intersection
Posted: 9-Apr-2009 6:09AM CDT
Topics: [KY 1973] [Scott County] [US 62]

A new traffic signal will be fully activated Tuesday at the intersection of US 62-Payne's Depot Road and KY 1973-Ironworks Pike in Scott County: Lexington Herald-Leader: New traffic signal on U.S. 62 in Scott County (Apr. 8, 2009) [Outside Link]

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I-75 Widening May Start Next Year
Posted: 1-Mar-2006 2:39AM CST

Widening of I-75 in Grant and Scott Counties may start next year: (Convington) Kentucky Post: Interstate widening to start (Feb. 16, 2006) [Outside Link]

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I-75 Widening Project Delayed Due to Lack of State Budget
Posted: 24-Jun-2004 1:30AM CDT

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that—along with other interstate widening projects—the I-75 widening project in Scott and Grant Counties has been delayed by the legislature’s failure to pass a budget: Cincinnati Enquirer: New lanes for I-75 on hold (June 10, 2004) [Outside Link]

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[KY 1973]
History of Ironworks Pike
Posted: 18-Mar-2004 8:42AM CST

The Lexington Herald-Leader carried a short piece about the origin of Ironworks Pike’s name on Sunday: Lexington Herald-Leader: Ironworks Pike Once Led To A You-Guessed-It (March 14, 2004) [Outside Link]

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[US 460]
Georgetown By-pass Maybe Completed by 2010
Posted: 29-Feb-2004 9:40AM CST
Topics: [KY 32] [Scott County] [US 25] [US 460]

In an article that no longer appears to be online, the Georgetown News-Graphic reports that the final leg of the Georgetown Bypass would be completed in 2010 under the proposed six-year highway plan. Construction on the bypass originally began in 1994 when the section eastern half of the bypass from US 25 south to US 25 north was completed. In 1997, the southwestern stretch of the bypass between US 460 west and US 25 south was constructed.

Under the proposed six year highway plan, right of way purchases for the stretch of the bypass between US 460 west and US 25 north would begin in 2007. Actual construction of the road would begin in 2010.

More information: Hartman, Chas. J. "Final leg of bypass could end in 2010." Georgetown (Ky.) News-Graphic [Outside Link] 27 Feb 2004.

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[Commonwealth of Kentucky]
No Projects Cut from Six Year Road Plan, but Some Are Delayed
Posted: 20-Feb-2004 7:35AM CST
Topics: Topic listing supressed. [38 topics related to this item]

Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bailey told state legislators on Wednesday that no projects were cut from this year's version of the Six Year Highway plan; however, some projects have delayed due to the states budget problems.

The list of projects is too long to list here; however, some notable projects are listed below.

  • $118 million for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Bridges Project. Some of this money will be raised by selling bonds that would be repaid when promised federal funding is allocated for the project.
  • $78 million for reconstruction of the Owensboro bypass to the east of its current alignment. This is meant to improve access to the William H. Natcher Bridge.
  • Widening of I-64 from Louisville to Shelbyville.
  • Widening of I-65 from the Tennessee State Line to Bowling Green.
  • Widening of I-75 in Scott and Grant counties.
  • Southern extensions of both the Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway and the William H. Natcher Parwkay.

A notable absence from the list is funding for replacing the I-71/I-75 Brent Spence Bridge over the Ohio River; however, the project remains on the unscheduled needs list and officials claim that it is still a priority. Construction on the project is still over a decade away.

This year the transportation cabinet has split the list into projects that will receive federal funding and projects that will not receive federal funding. Projects that will be funded only by the state are expected to be delayed and will be prioritized by need.

Update (Feb. 29, 2004): More information about projects in particular areas can be found here.

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Kentucky Transportation Research Center Evaluates Traffic Information and Prediction System on I-64
Posted: 30-Aug-2003 7:17PM CDT

The University of Kentucky-based Kentucky Transportation Research Center is conducting a study of a system to provide drivers with up-to-the-minute information about traffic conditions through work zones on I-64 between Louisville and Lexington: KYTC Press Release: TIPS Helps Motorists Get through Highway Work Zones (Aug. 25, 2003) [Outside Link]

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[US 25]
Archaeological Dig Underway as Part of Scott County US 25 Expansion in Scott County
Posted: 14-Aug-2003 12:03AM CDT

Archaeologists are conducting investigations of several sites along US 25 between Lexington and Georgetown as preparation work for major widening of the road. Actual construction of the route is expected to begin in late 2006 or early 2007.

More information: Georgetown News-Graphic: Crew digs for Native American artifacts along U.S. 25 South (Aug. 13, 2003) [Outside Link]

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I-64 Designated the Purple Heart Trail
Posted: 30-Dec-2002 4:18AM CST

The entire length of I-64 in Kentucky has been designated the Purple Heart Trail. The Military Order of Purple Heart has undertaken an effort to have each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico designate one of their highways to honor recipients of the Purple Heart. Kentucky will erect 24 signs designating the Purple Heart Trail: one at each of I-64's entrances to the state and signs in each county along I-64.

More information: KYTC Press Release [Outside Link]

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